Thursday, 21 April 2016

Exclusive "72TheSign" Interview for

Introduce your self and tell us where you’re from?
My name is 72thesign, I originally hail from Brixton in South London but I currently reside in Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire. Its only a small town in between Cambridge and Peterborough but its known for producing some dope artists, politicians and sport stars.

What’s the scene like out there?
The scene is a very interesting place at the moment. Kinda feels like a struggle between Hip Hop purists and this new age tech rap thats been devised for mdma poppin crack heads. Unfortunately I feel that the purists are losing ground. The UK scene is not as vibrant as it could be. Fans don't support in the way that they should. Most of the top flight UK underground artists have to hustle a living because no one buys music and live events don’t draw the crowds. However it does have some amazing talent and the strength is returning so I remain pure and optimistic.

What music was bumping when you where coming up?
The music I bumped when I was coming up was pure golden era because that’s what was out. From the UK it was MC Mello, London Posse, Demon Boyz and the Cookie Crew. Stateside it was Cube, Paris, EMPD, LL, Rakim, Nas, Biggie and PE.

You have just released your new album YJJM tell us about that?
I have just released YJJM which has taken years to put together. Mainly down to myself being overly critical. The first few tracks are based on a recent life experience involving some sick and twisted jealous individuals hence the title, "You Just Jealous man". The rest of the album is a diverse mix of Boom Bap and Hip Hop tracks that either get in your face or claim your soul lol. No one track sounds the same as the next and I used a whole bunch of producers to make it interesting.

Is there there any guest features on there? I have a number of guest artists on the album including artists from Wolverhampton, LATE and Big Ribsy. My 16 year old niece from Australia features on the vocals on, "Let me Down Again." Such a powerful voice and a real pleasure to work with a blood line. Other artists include a London MC called Yellow Baby whose track I feature on called “Show Me” and Solomon Gehazi and D7 on “The Final Retribution” alongside DJ TMB on the cuts.

What producers did you work with on the album?
Producers I worked with on the album include Mr Wadz, KDM, Enve Music, Embra Beats, Malick da 1da, Passion HiFi and Tim Garley White. All dope producers in their own right with bright futures.

What other releases have you got out there?
My other releases include countless guest features with worldwide artists and camps. Sign Language my EP, is still available to download free from my Bandcamp page.

What are all your social network websites?
My social networks are mainly Twitter and Facebook. I can be found by searching @72thesign.

Where can people download your music? You can download my discology from 

If people want to book you for a show or collaborate what is the best way to get hold of you? 
If people would like to book me for a show or wish to discuss a show/collab they can email me on or hit me on FB/Twitter.

What else have you got planned for 2016 and the future?
My plans for the rest of 2016 include a school based Hip Hop programme for key stage 2 school pupils to learn how to spit and gain a true understanding of Hip Hop and all its elements. Ive piloted it in a local school recently and it was a complete success with the children and parents. I’m also in current talks with a number of promoters regarding live shows for the upcoming summer including a few overseas trips. I've already started working on a project with Yellow Baby that will be out soon and I've a number of vids to get done too. So yeah 2016 is looking good for 72thesign.

Any thing you want to add or shoutout? 
Before I go I want to shout out to LATE for this interview and blogging my album. A massive big up to all artists who contributed along the way to YJJM but whose work didn’t make the album. To NeroDB for the dope artwork on the covers. BTW you can purchase YJJM T-shirts for £10 plus postage. Just email me for details. My biggest shout out goes to my family for putting up with my craziness, to all my supporters and dare I say fans who have downloaded the album and/or purchased a T-shirt. Salute.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

NERO DB - Weapons of Self Destruction