Saturday, 13 December 2014

Pre order Big Dutty Deeze Flowers 4 Firearms

Pre-order "Flowers 4 Firearms" on CD now and get a free F4F t shirt and V for vendetta mask. You also get bonus tracks that are only on the CD, notice this does not come out until 1/1/15. Thanks for your continued support. BDD

01. You Are What You Think.
02. Propaganda
03. Revolution
04. Cycle Of Poverty feat Genesis Elijah, Tabanacle, Mr Ti2bz, Raggo Zulu Rebal & Wordsmiff
05. Where All The Same
06. God Is Real
07. I Miss You
08. Caterpiller 2 Butterfly feat Cyclonosis, King Reeco & Manage (Caxton Press)
09. Harsh Realites feat. 10shott aka Tenny Ten & Si Philli
10. Lift Push
11. Hurt & Pain feat Dah1
12. Still The Cycle Of Poverty feat Disl Automatic, Jasiri X, Quadir Lateef & Brick Savy.

all vocals recorded by Tricksta
all tracks produced by Dr-G
all tracks mixed & masered by Dr-G

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