Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Chucky The Killa - " Cold As Ice" Album Snippets

Chucky The Killa - New CD "Cold As Ice" available now.
Get your copy directly from Chucky The Killa from­c

Album Tracklisting...
1. Cold As Ice
2. ClasSick ft. Icey Hott Of Street Military
3 .Tx To UK ft. Late From The UK
4. Grind Time ft. Ace & Jon Guevera
5. Rock N Roll
6. Fighter
7. Tochdown
8. Let Um Know g13 ft. CtK
9. No More Pain ft. Cl'Che' & Alize (Chuckys Daughter)
10.Make Money ft. Goof (throback)
11.Thuged Out Things ft. Alize (Chuckys Daughter)
12.The Streets A Jungle ft. Big Deuce & Dope E
13.Time To Shine ft. Alize (Chuckys Daughter)
15.Ganxstaz Don't Dance ft. Toof (throback Freestyle)
16 Out In The Cold ft. LENORE (Chuckys Sister)

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