Sunday, 19 January 2014

Exclusive C-RAW Interview

Introduce your self and tell us where you’re from?
Hi am C-RAW from Gloucester (South West of the UK)

What’s the scene like out there?
There is alot of rappers out here but the scene is not that big out here there is more going on in Bristol just down the M5 from

What music was bumping when you where coming up?
Coming I was listening to Gangstarr, Common, Jay-Z, Malarchi, Phi life cypher, Roots Manuva, Rodney P and LATE.

You have just released your new mixtape "Forget me Not" tell us about that?
Yeah me and my partner in rhyme and producer also the other half to our duo C.I.N, created an 11 track EP called forget me not, the concept of the title came from the perspective of approaching this project like it was our last although it,s not, and trying to leave you an impression to remember us.

What artists have you collaborated with?
Prior to this project I have collaborated with MC Stern, Sweetz, FX MC, 3 Unique, Concept, Impact, Namix, just to name a few, and with this EP of course  collaborated with LATE, GRIZ-O AND ELLJAY.

What producers have you worked with?
I have worked with Lee Cole, Sparkplug, Laso elia, Johnny Mong, Mnp and Tearz

Have you got any live shows planned?
Were in the process of organising a few dates in the summer.

What are all your social network websites?
You can get me on Twitter @Craw7, my music page

Where can people download your music?
You can Download my music at
or more on

If people want to book you for a show or collaborate what is the best way to get hold of you?
You can get hold of me @

What else have you got planned for 2014 and the future?
We also do film production am an actor and script writer also, so we have a list of projects to work on through out the year, I am currently working with an Milfredo Seven former Producer from EMF, who also worked for the Sugar babes. Were doing a song which is going to be used as a sountrack for a film being made in the US.Were going to do 5 video's for the EP forget me not this year also

Any thing you want to add or shoutout?
Yeah I like to big up the team for all your support and dedication, Big up everybody striving to get somewhere in this music scene, all the artist including yourself for working with me on my new EP, and a BIG BIG shout out to all that have followed and supported me since day dot you know who you are.
C-RAW "Forget Me Not" available now to download

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