Monday, 4 November 2013

S. Kalibre - 'SK Ultra' (Album Out Now)

S.Kalibre - R.I.P. (Produced by Slapupmill)

More S. Kalibre 'SK Ultra' Music Videos: 
S.Kalibre - Truth Drug (Produced by Architech) 

S.Kalibre - One Mic (Produced by Sofa King London)

S. Kalibre 'SK Ultra' Track-listing:
01 - Medical Notes (Produced by Gee-O)
02 - Seeing Red (Produced by Dead Man Walkn) 
03 - Murderous Tendencies (Produced by Soul Theory) 
04 - One Mic (Produced by Sofa King London)
05 - Lunge Slice Death (Produced by Slap Up Mill)
06 - Distorted (Produced by Rediculus)
07 - Induced Rage (Produced by Soul Theory)
08 - Swam Gass Feat. DJ Pressure (Produced by Slap Up Mill) 
09 - Truth Drug (Produced by Architech)
10 - R.I.P (Produced by Slap Up Mill) 

S. Kalibre 'SK Ultra' is available digitally from the following links:
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