Saturday, 30 June 2012

Exclusive "THUGSTAR" Interview

Introduce yourself tell us where your from?
Hello world its yea boy Thugstar from representing Sunnyside, Texas.

What releases have you had out?
Hmmm I have several releases like "How U Luv That", "Playa Status", "Speaker Muzik", "Block 2 Block", out now also various mixtapes on

What are the websites people buy the releases?
iTunes, and many more just google them.

What artists have you worked with?
I have worked with K-Rino, Murder One, Rapper-K, Shan-No, LATE, Jai Boo, Tricksta and many more on the underground.

You have got your on record label tell us about that?
Yeah my label is called Glowbal Ent. and we been up and runnin 2007 started by me and my cousin MoCity Beau built on helping up and coming artists.

What is the website for the lable?
The new site is in the works and coming soon.

Tell us about your new release?
The new release is a EP called "Go Hard" and its based on how I was feeling just touching on various subjects its still packed with raw flows from club bangers to laidback riding music to bump in the trunk.

Have you got a youtube channel?
My youtube channel is

If people want to get in contact with you or live shows or collaborations whats the best way?
Well the best way to get intouch with me is thru or twitter@thugstar so feel free to inbox me a message and i will holla back.

What else have you got planned for the rest of the year?
Well I got a couple of projects on deck to drop like my Ackin Bad album and Naked Truth mixtape also Street Bangers volume 1 im also in the studio workin on a new album called Respect The Hustle & my group album Filthy Rags.

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